Thursday, February 3, 2011

Winter Watercolor and Beading

After golf season came to a screeching halt last November I found myself restlessly making a list of what I wanted to do next!  As soon as Alex and Shawn accepted my offer to take the old white bedroom furniture to their house I knew what I wanted to do!  BIG plans for the space in this bedroom are underway.  It has become my new art studio (although I still have to get rid of some furniture).  I'm so excited, I love working in here so much that I am finding it hard to stop work long enough to finish the room.  I have wall hangings to put up and more furniture to dispose of.  But I have made progress.

First step was to clean out - drawers and the closet.   I gathered art and sewing stuff from all over the house and organized it to fit inside the closet.   Then I moved my drafting table (20 years old) from the den (it was covered with papers, Sara's old Dell from college and a lot of junk) and added 2 work tables I bought at Walmart and a new lamp for extra light.  I moved the sewing machine and all the fabric in there as well.  So now I can follow my whims more easily and jump from sewing to watercolor to beading as fast as my desires hit!  I think my ADD tendencies taking over now that my time is my own!
New Art Studio
In January I started watercolor lessons on Tuesday afternoons from the same teacher I had in the early nineties.  I opened my paint box to check what all I needed to buy for the class and was shocked that all my paints were still good - after 15 years of not using them!!!!   It's a good thing because paint has almost doubled in cost (I still had the price tags on some of the old ones) and I had about 40 tubes of paint that now sell for$8 to $20 a tube.  Lucky me!!  I cleaned up my pallet - the paint in it was still good too.  I still had my old color wheel key I created (so glad I kept it - I have forgotten all the colors and how to mix them).  Also found some unused paper and old paintings.
First Attempt after 15 years of not painting
My first attempt at painting was awkward at best and before I finished the painting I abandoned it and went on to the next one (this seems to be a habit of mine).  We are now doing snow scenes (check out my new header - it's not finished but i'll put it in there as a place holder) - much easier to paint than a still life of apples and whites.   I'm getting braver at putting color on the paper.  Watercolor is not very forgiving but I prefer it over acrylics or oils because it has a nice crisp, light appearance.  Of course I would pick the most difficult medium!

Next I decided I would take up beading again.  With a closet full of beads I emailed Shawn and begged for instructions on how she makes those gorgeous seed bead bracelets.  She fired back some instructions and I was off and running.  I made a couple of bracelets to donate to the silent auction that my golf league is sponsoring in June.
bracelets I made to donate to a silent auction
- will anyone buy them??!
Recently I made my first attempt at making a Debbie Ryan style necklace (not even close to being as beautiful as hers, sigh). I had a old earring that I had been saving for at least 20 years  I lost one of the earrings years ago and kept the other one thinking that someday I would use it to make a bracelet or necklace.  So here it is!  Hahaha - I am still working it - it's almost finished and I learned a lot doing it, so hopefully the next one will be better!
Attempting a Debbie Ryan style necklace
- sigh,  how does she do that?
Gotta get back to work - hoping to FINISH something!  


  1. I love your watercolors, especially the snow scene and the necklace you are making with the black earring is going to be fabulous!! Your room looks good too!

  2. mom wow the watercolor in your heading is awesome. room looks great, will have to stop by and check it out soon

  3. You definitely have an eye for painting - I'm not sure I'd even know where to begin!! I'm so jealous of your craft room! I hope to one day have one in my basement, but even as we type my dining room table is covered with sewing machines, fabric, ribbons, and craft items galore for Emmy Cate's upcoming birthday!!