Bag Library & Request for Feedback

Here are most of the things I've made - but it's not everything!  When I look at this, I can't believe I did this and I'm still working on stuff, I've made over 135 items.  

1. Wristlets $40:

Full size Bags:

Kinshasa Bag $90

Kinshasa Bag $90
Kisingani bag $75
Kisingani Bag $75

Front of Commemorative bag $90
back of commemorative bag
Bukavi Bag $80
Bukavu Bag $80

Goma Bag $75
Goma Bag $75
Lubambashi Bag $75
Lubambashi Bag $75
Clutch Bags$60:

Table Runners $75:

Goma Runner
Kinshasa Runner
Lubambshi Runner

Pillow Covers 14"x14" $50:

Placemats and Napkins $90 set:

Luggage Tags $20 each:

Crayon Rolls $30 each:

Drawstring backpack $50:

Checkbook Cover $30:

Notepad 4x6 Cover $30:

Pyramid zipper pouch 5" $30: