Monday, November 1, 2010

Sales and Sara's visit

Stitched by Sally is still in operation - made $770 on sales this weekend!  Went with Sara to a teachers meeting on Saturday and sold my goods there - she was a guest speaker at their luncheon.  Once again the most popular item was the wristlet.  I had them in six different fabrics and they sold immediately, I'm sure I could have sold 6 more.  Second big seller was my newest item, the drawstring backpack.  
Sara and my sales table

drawstring backpacks

Sunday Sara gave a one-hour talk to anyone interested and had a good group there.  I had a table there as well.  Sold this pillow cover there - in one of my favorite fabrics, and some luggage tags.  I still have quite a bit of fabric left so this could go on for a good while.  

Sara made an awesome video she showed, of her and the class at the Heal Africa school.  Right now it will only show in itunes - will try to figure out how to to convert the file.

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