Sunday, August 1, 2010

Stitched By Sally

I have been soooo busy the last few months, playing LOTS of golf - BUT between golf games I've been sewing like a crazy woman.   My living room and dining room has turned into a sewing studio.  I have stuff everywhere getting ready for Sara's big fundraiser on Aug 7 at Lonnie's house.  I will debut Stitched by Sally at her event.  I have made about 75 items for my sale so my living room is crammed.  On the table you can see half dozen wristlets, clutch bags, coin purses, luggage tags, crayon rolls, throw pillows and table runners.

Go to my web site to see the GORGEOUS professional logo created by our own SHAWN - - you will find about 8 or 10 of the items posted.  I will not post all the items I have, probably just one item in each style.   For those of you on facebook, check out the video ad!

The 2 latest bags are hanging on the wrought iron railing leading upstairs - where seven others are in the closet!   My dining room is the sewing room!  HELP there is no place to eat anymore - oh but there's always the bar... thank goodness.  And the wall hanging is finally finished - hanging in the window so i can be reminded how beautiful i think it is....hahaha.

The beautiful wall hanging is in my window temporarily for lack of a better place!  Alex needs to get over here and make the board/rod. This cloth is also found in the Canadian Textile Museum, it was commissioned by a beloved President of Ghana in 1976.  In the center is a proverb in Twi language which means "a tree alone cannot withstand a storm".

The following are a few more pictures of all the stuff.


Throw pillows, table runner (green and red)
I think my favorite thing are the clutch bags - i feel so accomplished when they're finished.  A lot of work in those but they look real professional.


  1. Yay - awesome stuff, Sally! Can't believe you have done so much. You are extremely talented. Can't wait for Saturday.

  2. Beautiful!!! I can't believe it. So elegant! You are very talented.