Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Stitched by Sally Sales

Well, my sales are up!!   I reached $2900 yesterday.  I have a lot of orders to fill, then i'll be back to stitching what I want and hope to come out with some new items for the sale I have scheduled to teachers on October 30.  Sara will be in town and will be speaking to a group of teachers in DC.  They saw my bags and stuff at her Aug 7 fundraiser and invited me to come with her.  So I am gearing up to work on my inventory for 30 days prior and will sell everything left over on my my Etsy web page.

I love Etsy.  I have been ordered some supplies from people on there.  If you haven't looked for supplies on Etsy, you can get some great deals.  I ordered zippers from K and C Supplies .  They're great zippers, much nicer than the ones you can buy in the fabric stores around here and they cost less.  K&C will deliver them very quickly.

If anyone has any suggestions of what I could make that these teachers might like, let me know.  They ask me if I could make something they could use in their classrooms.  I'm clueless.  I can't think of anything.

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