Monday, August 9, 2010

Sara's Fundraising Event

Sara had a very good turnout at her Aug 7 fundraiser.  She has the money she needs now.  Our Congressman was there and he gave her a check for $1260 (3 weeks).  She sat by him recently at a dinner she went to and she invited him to the fundraiser.  His office called her to get info about her so he could say a few words to the crowd about her.  There were about 125 people there.

Stitched by Sally sales are currently at $2158 - haha!   I still have a bunch of stuff in my inventory.  There is a teacher's organization that has invited Sara to speak at their annual meeting in late October.  She will be home for Siobhan's wedding so it was perfect timing.  They asked me to come also and bring my stuff to sell!  Hopefully I will have some inventory left by then!  I have ordered that will keep me busy through mid to late September.  Here are some pictures of my boutique at her party.  Check out the shopping bags and sacks with the logos on them.  I printed the logos on clear shipping address labels and they looks great on the white bags!

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