Saturday, August 7, 2010

Aug 5 Storm!

Wow - lucky to have my house and car in tact.  Lost the beautiful willow oak on the side of my house.  It was huge and provided very desirable shade for my carport and house.  It fell only a few feet from the house and car.  First photo is view of house standing across the street from the front of my house - it fell across the front yard - you can barely see my house in first pic, thru the fallen tree limbs.  Keep scrolling down this page! It was a sudden wild storm and I knew it was bad.  When I saw limbs flying out the window I retreated into the downstairs den - which is about the safest spot in my house.  After a few minutes i went upstairs to look for Jackson (he was hiding under the bed) and I noticed tree branches out my front window - where they normally aren't!

It also snapped a pine tree in the back. (second photo)  You can see the root ball to the oak behind the pine.   Jackson was just stunned when he went out to the back patio!!!


  1. I can't believe how lucky you were that nothing hit your house or car. Looks like something a tornado would do. Did your power go out as well?

  2. That's crazy!!! I can't believe it was strong enough to snap/uproot those big trees!!