Monday, May 31, 2010

Sewing Continued

Well!  I have so enjoyed making this stuff - I just hope someone will buy something!  Since the last posting, I have made a bunch of other stuff.  In the photo is a larger cosmetic bag,  a redesigned luggage tag, a checkbook cover with pen, a tissue cover, a sunglass case and a  placemat and napkin.  Also, not shown is a tote bag, a rectangular case that would hold pen/pencil, or mascara/lipstick or tampons.  The napkin is a 17" square of blue broadcloth with an applique of fabric sewn onto one corner.  I have shown my items to about six people and everyone seems to think these will pretty easily sell.  I have been thinking of an item for children, which would be a small bag with crayons and coloring book - or something like that.  If you have any ideas email me.

I have started producing duplicates to sell at Sara's fundraiser in late June and have created a brochure.  After the fundraiser, I will sell stuff by emailing a brochure to folks, including people out of town.  Sara is bringing more fabrics from Africa so there will be a choice of fabrics beginning in late June.    


  1. I love these items. I especially love little zippered bags. I use them for everything. How much does it cost???

  2. Janis, I haven't priced them yet, but it's coming soon. Do you know about the web site Etsy? It's all handmade stuff. I'm creating an Etsy store. Will let you know when it's ready.