Monday, May 31, 2010

Sewing Continued

Well!  I have so enjoyed making this stuff - I just hope someone will buy something!  Since the last posting, I have made a bunch of other stuff.  In the photo is a larger cosmetic bag,  a redesigned luggage tag, a checkbook cover with pen, a tissue cover, a sunglass case and a  placemat and napkin.  Also, not shown is a tote bag, a rectangular case that would hold pen/pencil, or mascara/lipstick or tampons.  The napkin is a 17" square of blue broadcloth with an applique of fabric sewn onto one corner.  I have shown my items to about six people and everyone seems to think these will pretty easily sell.  I have been thinking of an item for children, which would be a small bag with crayons and coloring book - or something like that.  If you have any ideas email me.

I have started producing duplicates to sell at Sara's fundraiser in late June and have created a brochure.  After the fundraiser, I will sell stuff by emailing a brochure to folks, including people out of town.  Sara is bringing more fabrics from Africa so there will be a choice of fabrics beginning in late June.    

Saturday, May 8, 2010


I have a lot of African fabric Sara purchased in Kinshasa.  We used it for table cloths at her January fundraiser.  I wanted to do something with all that fabric.   SOooo, I decided to see what I might create from the leftover scraps that Sara could either give as gifts to donors, or perhaps we could mass produce and sell these items to make money for Sara.

So out came the sewing machine and I made a couple of trips to the fabric store to purchase a few small notions I needed.  I had a ball!  It's such fun to create.  It brought back so many memories of growing up and sewing with my mom and Mama Tex!  I could hear their voices over and over.  Mama Tex was a perfectionist and if she made mistakes she would rip it out and redo it.  Mother on the other hand wanted to take any short cuts possible and and her products contained errors, but not major ones people would notice.   So my products are a combination.  I confess I did some ripping out and redoing today - but I also took a few short cuts!

Take a look at these items!
First I made a book cover for a 4x6 notepad.  These can be made in any size and they are refillable with notepads bought at the drug store.  So they could be used in a purse, or they could be used as a journal, and one without lines on the paper could be used as an artist's sketch book.

Next I made a small zipped bag that could be used for cosmetics, jewelry or anything like that.  These could also be made in a larger size.  The zipper was scary - i had to refresh my memory and read instructions but it was not as difficult as I had originally thought it would be!

And lastly I made a luggage tag that would hold a business card.  The luggage tag was the most difficult because the vinyl used to create the window was very slippery to sew - had to rip out a couple of places and redo!  I think I will get some stiffer plastic to use if I make more.

I also created a price/logo tag to hang on each item that says "Proceeds support Sara Rich in Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo, Building Educational Partnerships"  and it includes Sara's email and web site.  It also says "Handmade out of fabric purchased in Kinshasa."

I will make a few more things.  I have a ton of fabric and Sara is bringing more when she comes home in June.  I cut out another notepad cover for a smaller notepad (3x5).  I also cut out a checkbook cover that has a place to hold a pen.  I will make those 2 things tomorrow.   I also plan to try making placemats and napkins and a table runner.