Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Buying golf clubs is like buying a car!

How complicated and frustrating it was to shop for golf clubs!   Several friends suggested I get a fitting and then go to a demo day where various vendors have their products available for people to try.  So that's how I proceeded.

I went for the free fitting last Friday afternoon.  I had no idea he would want me to swing the clubs so much so was not dressed for it!  I thought it would just measurements and questions!  No golf shoes or visor or glove and the sun was beaming down - very hot!  But I did the fitting and he gave me a couple of interesting tips on my grip and swing so it was very worthwhile!  After all that he said I'm standard!  Altho my lie may eventually need changing, I hit quite a few on the inside but not enough to warrant a change to the lie.

So I was ready for the big shopping day!  I walked up with my clubs and started looking around.  No offers of help by anyone, they were looking at me like - what do you want lady.  So i ask the Ping guy to try one.  He pulls out a pink club and tells me the choice is pink or purple.  I explain I don't want pink or purple, I just want a "normal" color and I'm not a beginner.  He seemed perplexed but decided to show me the G15s and says they are really the same thing, they can make them to fit me.  I tried out a couple of irons and turned to ask him if i could try the Driver but he was helping someone else by then.  So i had to start over essentially and ask someone else for the Driver and explain I didn't want pink or purple.  Next I asked how much they cost and got the ole "depends on what you want".  He had no price list or brochure, said for me to ask the guys over by the stairs.  Yet a 3rd person managed to locate a brochure which had all the Ping clubs but it had no prices in it and told me to go back to the other guys and have them write down what I needed in terms of fit.  After much ado I got some pricing.

Next to Callaway, which is what I ended up buying but I had a very similar experience there.  Waited on by 3 different people and sent to the pricing person who had no brochure.  He wrote down the model of club I liked on the back of a business card and I just left, and decided I would just keep my old clubs which are nice, but old technology (1999 model Taylor Made).  

After 2 or 3 days of fussing about it, I spent a whole day online looking at pricing and decided to purchase pre owned clubs.  I also found the PGA used club pricing guide so I could have some idea of what a good price is.  (Just like blue book pricing for a used car!!)   I already owned a Callaway driver that I like and found a set of X-20 irons (not much different from the X-22 irons I tried at the demo) and fairway clubs that matched the Driver I have.   I should receive the clubs in a week or so, hopefully they will meet my expectations for condition and quality!!  Can't wait!  What a painful process it was.  Now I just need to get a new bag - hopefully that won't be as much hassle.



  1. It really stinks that they still treat women that way in the golfing world - guess they just missed a sale and hopefully you found just what you wanted online!

  2. Yes! I demoed X-22 irons and like them. X-20 is the 2009 version. I will received them monday - can't wait to try them out!