Saturday, March 13, 2010

Guatemala Treasures

I truly am not much of a shopper, but while in Guatemala I went a little nuts! Shopping there was so much fun, things were so inexpensive and I found original art and hand woven goods everywhere. I painted my living room earlier this year and had been looking for something to hang over my piano. I found an oil rubbing of mythical Myan rowers on cloth, copied from an old Myan carving. It was perfect!!!

The challenge was framing it, I needed a weird size frame, at least 40" wide and no more than about 20" tall! I bought a $39 picture at Home Goods and ripped out the ugly picture and used the frame - it fit perfectly. I stretched and mounted the canvass on a foam board, pushing straight pins into the edge of the foam board all the way around it. It worked great. I'm really happy with how it turned out.

I also bought a small oil painting of Antigua, the town we spent 3 nights in, I think i paid $3 for it. The 8x10 canvas was nailed over a wooden frame. I detached the canvass from the wooden frame and mounted the painting on a foam board. Used a matt and frame I already had.

Hand woven pillow covers were everywhere in all colors and I found two that would go well on my couch downstairs. It turned it out they fit perfectly over my existing pillows so I didn't even have to buy pillow forms!

Table linens were everywhere and so tempting. My niece would have gone nuts - they were so inexpensive but I didn't have much room to bring back much more! I bought hand woven placemats and table runner. They turned out to be a perfect match for my dishes. I love them.

This is a beautiful hand embroidered table runner. I had no idea where I would use it but thought I would be able to find a place. It dresses up this old table nicely! Wish I could go back to Antigua!! Maybe one day I WILL! HA!

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  1. Cool! Glad you were able to reframe your art!! Are you using blogger to post? I use Windows Live Writer and think it's much better. It's a free program you download.