Friday, March 26, 2010

Golf Anyone?

I went to the Greendale Golf League meeting and played with them for the first time.  What a treat!  It was a much larger group than I had anticiipated.  I have about 40 new friends, some very nice and interesting women to play golf with during the week.   A good mixture ranging from the very serious rule obsessed golfers to a few older women limping around who are partially disabled and ride in a "handicap" cart!   Mostly it seemed to be people about like me.

We played 18 holes.  Alex had trained me well ;-).  No stepping on lines, must put down the marker before picking up ball, closest to pin tends the flag, first in the hole packs up and starts moving to next tee, etc etc.  There are an abundance of rules, thank goodness I know the little annoying ones, I just have to learn the ones about hazards and penalties and so forth!!

And what a LUCKY day I had - I pared all the par 3s!   So they got the impression that I was a decent player - haha.

At the meeting/breakfast - the "giveaways" were so funny, door prizes, and the new people got goodie bags.  It's a mixture of ages, and as you might expect in a group of 40 older women, the crafty types had to make something for everyone!   Someone made each of us a "pocket" to wear with pants that have no pocket (why would anyone wear pants without pockets to play golf?) .  And there were ceramic easter bunnies at each place setting which we were to take home with us!!  It was pretty funny.  The goodie bag included important stuff like laminated rules to put in your golf bag, and useful stuff like tees, a Titlelist ball and a sample scorecard.

Saturday - short game lessons begin!  YAY - hoping to shave down my score a bit this season.   April 2nd have a fitting scheduled followed by demo day to try out various clubs.   New clubs coming soon and I desperately need a new bag too!


  1. it is going to be hard to keep up with you if you're getting this much practice in...

  2. Hope Nathan didn't read this ... you're retired and can and do play golf whenever you want!!